2020-2021 Virtual Orientation

Updates from Dr. Duffy

Points of Contact


Principal: Tim Duffy – tduffy@cityschools.com

Assistant Principal: Angela Hinrichs – ahinrichs@cityschools.com

Assistant Principal: Jay Snyder – jsnyder@cityschools.com

Updates on due dates and other matters related to our distance learning program.

  • The first Learning Activities Plan (LAP) will now be due by midnight on September 18th.
  • LAP 2 will be due on October 9th.
  • Our decision to change the length of each of the first two LAPs from two weeks to three weeks was guided by our desire to accomplish a few important goals.
    • First, we want to provide students more time to complete the work. We understand that many students have spent a great deal of time to complete the online lessons.
    • Second, we want to give students more opportunity to re-do their formative assessments to allow them to demonstrate greater mastery of a specific skill or content area knowledge. This change will also allow teachers to provide students more effective feedback.
    • We also want to use this time to give students and families the technology support they need with the use of laptops and to be able to use Canvas more effectively.
    • Finally, we will also use this time to make improvements to future modules in Canvas. The expectation is that future modules will revert back to being two-week assignments. More information on these changes will be provided early next week.

*Please stay in touch with us as we continue to implement the instructional program at James Monroe High School.

Technology Support for Families

Access to the internet will remain available in the parking lots of all schools.

Click Here for a map of hotspots

Click here for a map of homework hotspots

Repair Site:
200 Ferdinand St
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Click Here to submit a technology repair ticket

For Canvas support contact your child's teacher. Click here to view Division Staff Directory

To learn more about home internet support, please call 855-222-3252 or click here. 

Breakfast and Lunch for Students

Attendance During Distance Learning

Attendance is taken daily through one of the following means: · Student daily email to their homeroom teacher. · Student participation in a virtual meeting with their homeroom teacher (11:30-11:45 each day) · Student/parent phone call to homeroom teacher · Attendance is only taken by the homeroom teacher. Contact with teachers other than your homeroom teacher will not count toward daily attendance.

Distance Learning Plan

GRADES will be recorded for assignments correlated to pre-developed lessons. Please, contact your child’s teacher directly with questions.

OFFICE HOURS for all teachers are M-F from 11:30 - 1:30. Teachers are available for family support (email, phone call, online meetings) during this time. Please reach out to your child’s teacher directly for support.

IEP/LIEP students will receive specialized instruction required by the IEP (Individual Education Program) for students with disabilities and LIEP (Language Instructional Education Program) team. Contact your child’s case manager to discuss their specific accommodations and services and to set up appointments for support.

SCHOOL COUNSELORS: Our school counselors are available during office hours from 11:30-1:30 to support your child as well as by appointment. Please, reach out to them for support.

Ms. Holley Stinchcomb, Director of Counseling Students with last names G-I hstinchcomb@cityschools.com

Ms. Sharon Johnson Students with last names A-F shjohnson@cityschools.com

Ms. Tiffany McGillivray Students with last names J-Q tmcgillivray@cityschools.com

Mr. Juan Moreyra Students with last names R-Z jmoreyra@cityschools.com

Ms. Beth Ripley Counseling Secretary bripley@cityschools.com

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