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Virginia School Principal Appreciation Week Highlight - Mrs. Wheeler (Lafayette Elementary School Principal)
Courtney Wheeler

As part of Virginia School Principal Appreciation Week, we are highlighting all our principals with a Q and A session to give you some more insight into who they are, and what they do. Please enjoy the following from Lafayette Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Wheeler;

What inspired you to choose education for your profession?

"I chose education as a career to build positive relationships and make a difference in students’ educational, emotional, and social well-being."

What do you most enjoy about being a principal?

"When it comes to the kids, it's seeing their joy for life, their smiles, and their daily high-fives.  With the staff, I get joy from seeing their dedication and love for their students.   I am truly blessed with the best staff and students."

What do you want your students to know about you or, in general, that you feel is important for them to know?

"I care deeply about each of them and their future, and I will always be here for them even after their days at Lafayette."

Tell us something about yourself that people would be surprised to hear. (Example, favorite food that people might not think you eat, hobby that you ​have that would surprise people, etc.) 

"I played collegiate level volleyball and softball and despite my kind demeanor- I am quite competitive on the court/field😊.  Also, I LOVE candy!"